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FC Private Listings specializes in privately listed properties. These are properties that are not listed on the open market, but are instead marketed to a select group of potential buyers. FC Private Listings provides access to a range of exclusive properties that are not available through traditional real estate channels. The company works closely with property owners to create a customized marketing plan that targets qualified buyers and ensures a smooth transaction. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a luxury property, FC Private Listings can help you navigate the private real estate market with expertise and professionalism.

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1500 Acres

Fort Pierce, Florida

Description: 1500 acres in St. Lucie County; in the path of development and this property contains 40 million tons of DOT certified roadbase


20 Townhomes Development

Hobe Sound, Florida

Description: Development of 20 townhomes under construction.


22.34 Acre Multifamily Development

Palm City, Florida

Description: 22.34 Acres multifamily development 240 Units Apartment/Rental Community (Site Plan Approved)


2270 Acres for Development

St. Cloud, Florida

Description: 2270 acres for development on canoe creek road in hot St. Cloud. To the north of the property the Poinciana Parkway is being built; on the south side of the property Canoe Creek road is being widened; on the east side of the property at Lake Gentry there is a double clover leaf ramp for the Pionciana Parkway and the Florida Turnpike; this property is in the path of development – 5 Years to start.


27 Acres

Lady Lake, Florida

Description: 27 Acres entitled for 330 apartments


300,000sqft Industrial Space

Lake County

Description: 300,000 ft of industrial space to be built.


32 Industrial Acres

Hobe Sound, Florida

Description: 32 Acres development of 200,000-300,000sqft of industrial less than 2 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and the Jupiter Island public beach


36 Acre Industrial Park

Palm Coast, Florida

Description: 36 acre industrial park in Palm Coast next to new Advent Hospital and new UNF annex 400,000+-sq ft industrial space zoned.


500 ft Oceanfront

Daytona Beach, Florida


Hobe Sound Development

Hobe Sound, Florida

Description: Total Value $30,000,000 Potential development of 161 condos and hotel and bank


Lux Single Family Home

Vero Beach, Florida

Description: Luxury single family home under construction


Lux Single Family Home Lot

Vero Beach, Florida

Description: Luxury single family lot/home to be developed


Single Family Home

Vero Beach, Florida

Description: Older single family home on 100 ft of frontage in Old Riomar (one of 6 accreting properties in Old Riomar). Walking distance to the center of town.


Single Family Lot

Ormond Beach, Florida

Description: Single family lot across street from ocean.


Vacant Lot

Hobe Sound, Florida


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